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Michael Dikegoros (yes, it's Greek!) is a New York-based actor, singer, and dancer. Originally from Wethersfield, Connecticut, Michael graduated from Elon University in 2019 with his BFA in Music Theatre and his BA in Arts Administration. He's an alumnus of the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts' Music Theatre program, where he also substitute teaches and choreographs. 

Outside of performing, Michael is an avid yogi, passionate Scorpio / enneagram type 1, and Olivia Rodrigo enthusiast. Michael enjoys practicing the "We're All in this Together" choreo from High School Musical for absolutely no reason, keeping up with his Spanish (has visto "Elite" en Netflix!?), and making earnest attempts at cooking. Although Michael grew up working up in his family's Greek and Italian restaurant, somehow cooking skills were never passed down. Some might say he takes pride in being a neat-freak, but who's to say? 

Apartment tour coming soon!

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